Chris Slavicek

    Vice President of Sales & Marketing

    Dave, Thank you very much to you, your team and students. They did a remarkable job assisting at the event. I can only hope that the cause allowed them to get an understanding of the Chelsea culture and care we deliver to the aging population. Many thanks, Chris

    Christine Meckanics

    Veterans Daughter

    First just would like to say your Organization is Amazing helping these young boys become well rounded men. My Dad is a resident at Veterans Home. I’ve have seen these students several times volunteering their time and not just at the Veterans home also at an American Legion Post. I would like to say Thankyou to each and everyone. You boys make these Veterans get Interactive. I see the difference when you boys are there. Thankyou again keep up the good work and Have a Great, hopefully winning season and be proud of yourselves. You do make a difference!

    Connie Miller

    Volunteer & Programming Associate

    Hello awesome volunteers! It was such a pleasure working with you yesterday evening! We appreciate the time you took out of your day to volunteer with us to support our mission. In just a short amount of time, you harvested 8,000 pounds of cucumbers and zucchini and 500 pounds of nectarines! In total that’s 34,000 serving of fresh food that we are able to share with our neighbors in need. Thank you for your tremendous act of service. All of the food will go to community food banks in NJ, PA, and NY, local food pantries and our Free Farm Markets in underserved communities. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

    John Werhle


    Just saw you on TV on "Jersey Matters" and that was fantastic! You were excellent and handled yourself incredibly professional, yet humble. If I didn't know better I would say that you were on TV for a living, haha. But more importantly, I loved your message about student athletes and athletes in general. You brought up so many good points! It was an excellent presentation. Keep fighting the good fight!

    Dr. Renee Foster


    Coach Dave and his team work hard to give Tremendous opportunities to Growing athletes for their development not only in advanced Athletics but in life. Thank you Coach Dave & LEPBSF for caring enough to grow responsible young athletes as people first. Foster family and sports Chiropractic, LLC stands with you!

    Judith Leveson

    Ladies Auxiliary President - American Legion Post 306

    On behalf of myself and the Auxiliary I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the members of your foundation for their assistance and service at our recent spaghetti dinner. This is an annual affair that we sponsor which is open to the public, but most importantly, our honored guests are veterans from the NJ Memorial Veterans Home at Menlo Park. We and they look forward to having them attend this event each year with great anticipation. It was truly an inspiration to not only see your young people serving and attending to the needs of the veterans, but to sit and listen to them relate their stories of service, families or areas of interest was heart-warming. We were thrilled with the interaction of care and attention. We look forward to working with your foundation again in the future at any of our other activities. Again, many thanks to all of you.