The LEP Beyond Sports Foundation’s mission is to inspire student athletes to "make a difference" by serving their local communities. By offering assistance to veterans, senior citizens and others, student athletes are discovering personal strengths and making connections. Our student athletes are finding a real sense of pride, spirit and gratification after participating in community service activities. Their actions are also inspiring others to put their electronics down and give back to their community! Our student athletes have mastered their ability to work as a team together, but LEP Beyond Sports Foundation gives them a chance to put that focus, tenacity and support into services that give back to the community. They open their minds and hearts to a purpose that is bigger than themselves. Our goal is to get high school and college student athletes out into local communities and make a difference!

         The LEP Beyond Sports Foundation offers a wide range of community service programs for student athletes (as well as parents and coaches). The world of athletics can help build confidence but our focus is to strengthen humility in the students. We are finding that by getting our athletes involved and working with the elderly, disabled, veterans and the homeless community, they are gaining a sense of just how fortunate they are and they yearn to do more. We find that their focus shifts from themselves to others and that shift helps make our world a better place!